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Argh, darnit, I seem to be stuck in what I call a "slump" at present...a phase between things, where I've either finished a large project or have tired of my current projects (or, with regards to the projects I'm doing with :iconddraigtanto: and :iconkeizerharm:, I'm at a point where there's not much more I can do at present), and I've got nothing I can really devote myself to for the time being. It's only made worse by the fact that out of nowhere I find myself overcome with a desire to make a board game of some sort, and although I have a fair few projects in mind, each of them have some problem that's preventing me from completing them!

In case I've not mentioned it before, I've got a bit of a history when it comes to designing board games...with my earliest being the childishly simple Harry Potter Monopoly - made in 2000, long before the movies existed! Years later, I drew up plans for a five-sided Harry Potter Monopoly board, designed to fit more locations on it, but that never made it past the planning stages, as did my plans for a Star Wars Monopoly, made to replace the recently released Saga Edition, which I thought was poor quality. However, I did end up designing and finishing "Mystopoly" - based off the Myst series of games - in the end, which was also motivated by seeing another edition online that I thought was poor quality. Both of those two designs instilled me with a passion to make games that were of the highest quality and had had love put into them; for instance, when designing a Monopoly board, I actually take time to think about which locations are being grouped together and whether they even make sense compared to the other properties, when many licensed Monopoly board makers do not; with Star Wars Monopoly, all the properties in the game were planets...except for the Brown/Purple and Dark Blue properties, which were cities on the same planet, which technically made them worth LESS than the other properties and threw off the logic!

Anyway, after that - and after making a D'nopoly and Stock Exchange expansion pack - I took a break from serious games and instead made the somewhat Dadaist "Botulism - A Game For Lunatics!", a board game somewhat inspired by the Mad Magazine board game, where the only goal is to not die, and to be the last person standing at the end (I've actually been trying to adapt this one to DeviantArt for some time, but I'm having trouble capturing the feel of the original...)! I later dabbled with Cluedo, making a concept for a Wall-E Cluedo that's been on DeviantArt for some time, then became enamoured with Risk! after I learned of the world of Alternate History, but didn't actually print any of the custom board designs out...not until I found mods for CKII that had usable maps for Westeros and Tamriel. The latter didn't really take off with my friends, but the former did, and...well, you've no doubt seen all the Westeros and Essos board designs in my gallery! Oh, and there's also the Draconic Chess design, but that's a bit of an odd one out...

Right, enough rambling. Here are the current projects I'm toying with...and the problems with them all so far.

Risk! Fallout: New Vegas
This is something I drew up plans for when I was on my last big New Vegas binge - ahh, I love that game...don't get me wrong, the other games are great, but I feel like I've got the most out of this game over the years - and wanting to make something that would let me explore the world further. After a couple of edits, I ended up with this concept;
  Risk New Vegas Draft by AMCAlmaron
Problems: Despite what my friends say, this thing still needs a lot of work done to it; impassable borders are needed, regions need to be examined (and names found for them) and province borders possibly adjusted...some areas in this would be just too powerful. 

Risk! Mass Effect
Another game inspired by what I felt was an official game release making awful design choices - I mean, come on, the video game lets you fly from galaxy to galaxy, and yet the Risk board consists of terrible pictures of PLANETS??? For this concept, I went over game maps of all the locations in the Mass Effect trilogy, then edited them into a single map and drew borders that not only would fit with the few borders shown in-game, but which would also group certain minor galaxies with more prominent ones, thus ensuring that each spot on the board could be represented with a screenshot that would make you go "Ohh, THAT level!" 
It looks something like this;  MEMapLabelled by AMCAlmaron MEMapColour by AMCAlmaron
Problems: Ehh...just ran out of energy for this one. Didn't feel like there was enough to warrant finishing it.

Fallout Monopoly
Yet another one inspired by a pathetic official release! I was so annoyed when I got a good look at the Fallout Monopoly being sold...sure, the cards and pieces were pretty, but the properties? Whoever made this was just being lazy; the first side of the board has Fallout 1 locations, then the second side of the board was Fallout 2, and so on, and so forth, omitting stuff like New Vegas and Tactics, and also illogically doing things like making Vault 111 the most valuable location, when anybody who's actually played Fallout 4 would consider it one of the least important locations - plus, oddly, it's not paired with Sanctuary Hills, despite being literally right next to it.  But they then mess up that theme by making the Railway Stations actual Railway Stations from Fallout 3, and then the Utilities Radio Stations...AGAIN from Fallout 3! Besides, considering two of the games actually featured an Electric Company and a Water Works being fought over as a major plot point (The Hoover Dam and Project Purity, respectively), you'd think they'd have considered using those?
Well, anyway, I drew up a concept for a board that includes locations from ALL of the games, and also positioned them in a way that not only reflects how powerful some of these locations are, but also is tied to where they're actually located in the world! And here it is...well, a really basic concept;
Monopoly Template by AMCAlmaron
Problems: Had a fair bit of trouble finding decent pictures to use, which held up the project, and in the end I moved on to other projects.

Westeros Monopoly
Huh, to be honest, I'd forgotten I designed this one.  Westeros Monopoly by AMCAlmaron
Problems: Well, the fact I forgot about it isn't a great sign...

Holy Roman Empire
Something I've wanted to make for some time now; a Risk that's centred on the Holy Roman Empire, and which is divided up into territories corresponding with historic German states, which would also allow me to print location cards with replicas of the shields of each state on them! Plus there'd be a bit of fun in getting to call yourself "Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg" by merit of controlling those two territories, and then move up to "King of Hanover" by capturing the whole region...and there could also be some sort of bonus linked to controlling the seven territories representing the historic Electors of the Holy-Roman Empire, and also threats from neighbouring states outside the Empire!
BoardRegions by AMCAlmaron
Problems: Aargh, this is something I've tried to make three or four times now, and it keeps stalling after a while. Either it's a border looking ugly, or an area being too overpowered compared to another one, or an inability to find a state for the region, or a flaw with the game design - a couple of the Prince-Electors were historically quite close to each other, giving whoever's based there a huge advantage...

How To Host A Murder
Well, this is a fairly vague concept, to be honest, but I've always wanted to make my own version of the How To Host A Murder game series...if you've not played those, basically, you're given a scenario and eight characters for guests to come dressed as, and then once everyone arrives, they're each given character booklets and clues, and they have to act like they are their characters and attempt to solve the mystery by asking questions about one another and revealing what sordid information they know about the others...they're great fun, but the only problem is you can only really play them once, because the murderer always stays the same...still, we've had some memorable games.
Problem: Welp, gotta figure out a story first...

Dragon Stratego
Somewhat tied to the Dragon Chess concept mentioned earlier, and inspired by a conversation with :iconkeizerharm:, it's exactly what it sounds like; a version of Stratego, but with DRAGONS!
Problems: Aside from a vague idea to have a board somewhat like the 3D chess board from Star Trek to represent dragon flight, I've got nothing.

Mojave Express
This is something I've been wanting to bring to life for some time now; a board game representation of...well, the early Fallout games, in a way. This game would consist of loads of square cards laid out on a table; at one end is the starting point, and at the other is a settlement marker, and you'd play as a Mojave Express person trying to deliver something to that settlement. To do this, you'd have to create a path by flipping over cards, and cards could have things like empty terrain, lootable buildings, caves with monsters, irradiated lands, impassable rubble, etc on them...things that could either help or hinder you as you try to reach your destination.
Problems: Basically, figuring out just how this game would fun as the above description sounds, it's kind of a one-player game, since there'd not really be a way to have multiple people effectively scouting separate paths... 

Stellaris: The Board Game
Somewhat similar to the above game, this is a fairly recent idea born out of admiration for all the planet and star designs in Stellaris, and a desire to adapt them to something else. So far, the working idea is that players would have a board with a picture of the galaxy on it, and loads of squares where a card could be placed face down...each player could then choose to explore an adjacent territory, and so they'd flip over the card and reveal a galaxy, which would have a sun type on it, and a list of what planets exist there.
Problems: How would such a game work? I mean, presumably it'd be a bit like Risk, with you expanding and only getting reinforcements when you control certain sites - making it a bit like the Civilisation board game, come to think of it - but then how would each turn proceed?

Sigh...well, hopefully I'll find something to do soon...

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Who am I? I'm a random person who likes solving problems that pop up in various book/film/tv/game/etc series that I pay attention to. Hence, a lot of my work revolves around creating essays, maps, informative pictures, and the odd fan-fic to test out a scenario. I also like designing things, so there's the odd concept there too!

I'm only too happy to help out with things wherever I can...need a quick historical map drawn or want help coming up with a story concept? Send me a message and I'll see what I can do.


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