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COM: Kings and Queens of Avalar by TheBluestJay
Check it out! My long-waited commission from :iconthebluestjay: is finished! It shows the various rulers of Avalar in :iconddraigtanto:'s "Dragons Unite" fanseries. From left to right, they are as following;

King Lucianus av Alar, first King of Avalar. Swore fealty to Malefor - a half-brother of his - shortly after proclaiming his state, and fled into exile with his daughter Lucilia after the death of his family during the fall of Malefor's state. Died in exile as a broken dragon. 
Queen Aelia of Lugdunensis. Lucianus' loving mate; died as a result of being bitten by a poisonous snake. It remains unclear whether she was assassinated or whether it was a accident. 

Queen Lucilia Lucien, first Queen of Avalar. Regained her father's title after marrying Jedias of Viennensis; the son of two powerful Lords in the Warfang region. Had two daughters; only one lived to adulthood, and Lucilia eventually passed away when her surviving daughter fell pregnant.
King Jedias of Viennensis. Son of Caius of Viennensis and Mariana of Latium; a victim of Malefor's magic. Mariana was originally "Marianus", a soldier, but after being caught in a homosexual relationship with his lover Tiber, his family avoided shame by having Tiber executed and "Mari" turned female. Mari was hastily wed to Caius of Viennensis, but the two genuinely fell in love, with Caius promising to help Mari cope with a body she felt strange in in any way he could - to the point of sparring with her and helping her continue to train using a trident as a weapon.

Queen Antigra Lucien, second Queen of Avalar. Was betrothed to Faron Abelburben, the son of the ruling Queen of Sekeolath, after the death of her elder sister Celise. Initially, she and Faron got on well, but after the sudden death of her mother not long into her pregnancy - her father having died years before - their relationship got strained, and completely broke down by the time they had their only child; Zephrya. Both Antigra and Faron took new lovers and proceeded to bicker and argue over everything for the remainder of their lives, until Antigra supported Duke Charles the Bold of Burgundy in his wars of conquest and fell in battle alongside him.
King Faron Abelburben. Outlived Antigra by several years, and bitterly regretted the way both his and Antigra's lives had turned out - both having attempted reconciliation a few times, but always failing to sway the other - until the end. 

King Arkebus Groenvlerck. A descendant of an old Dutch noble family, and consort to Queen Zephrya Lucien, Arkebus was a loving mate and father, and a skilled warrior, and thus he took charge of Avalar's armies in times of crisis. Ultimately fell in battle during the final stages of the Wars of Religion, leaving his wife brokenhearted.
Queen Zephyra Lucien, the third Queen of Avalar. One of Avalar's longest reigning queens, and generally considered the most ill-suited for ruling. As a result of the decline of her parents' relationship, Zephrya was mollycoddled as a child and kept sheltered from the world, with the result being that she grew up as a simple-minded dragoness obsessed with appearance and family rather than one who was fit to rule a country in a perilous state. Her mate Arkebus initially handled most of her daily affairs for her, but after his death - and the death of her daughter Empyrea; the original heir to the throne - Zephrya broke down completely and retreated from court life, leaving her son Gether Lucien to act as Prince Regent - her younger son, Firmar, was ultimately killed during WWI. Zephyra eventually passed away during the early stages of the Napoleonic Wars. 

Queen Lacia Lanvitz. Consort to King Gether Lucien. Selfish, greedy and arrogant, Lacia was not loved by her people, and is widely considered to be Avalar's worst ruling consort. Ultimately died trying to protect her son Taxid Lucien during Malefor's attack on Warfang; something which many say was the only truly noble thing she ever did.
King Gether Lucien, the second King of Avalar. Easily considered Avalar's greatest King, as under his rule, Avalar's territory expanded massively through both conquest and diplomacy. Controversial in a few places for this, and also for passing laws designed to increase the draconic population by forcing dragonesses to stay out of the Avalarian Army and offering them benefits if they found mates. Ultimately slain by the Golem during Malefor's attack on Warfang.

King Taxid Lucien, the third King of Avalar. The last member of the Lucien Clan, Taxid was originally considered a rude and arrogant young dragon, but this was largely due to his mother's influence - and also because he was ashamed of the fact that he was deeply dyslexic and unable to read until entering his teenage years - and he became far more noble as he aged. Eventually died during Malefor's attack on Warfang; giving his life to lure the Golem away from an area of the city that was being evacuated.
Queen Rose di Nisa. Consort to King Taxid Lucien, who she was betrothed to as a result of an political alliance made by Queen Lacia with her parents. Despite this, she and Taxid fell deeply in love, and by the time Malefor began his attack on Warfang, she was said to be with egg. Unfortunately, Rose sustained extreme injuries during the attack - a result of her fleeing safety in an attempt to save her mate - and eventually died in the aftermath, taking the last member of the Lucien family with her. 

King Alexander Greywater. Consort to Empress Ddraigtanto di Avalaria. Originally the Lord of the Avalarian Netherlands, Alexander was a good friend of King Gether, and attempted to have himself elected King upon his death, but lost to Ddraigtanto Ixeneijir. Alexander protested this for a number of years, until he and Ddraigtanto ended up reconciling, and the two fell in love and ended up ruling together. 
Queen Ddraigtanto di Avalaria, fourth Queen of Avalar, and first Empress of the Avalarian Empire. Originally Ddraigtanto Ixeneijir - a male dragon turned female as a result of a curse - Field Marshal of Avalar, but after the extinction of the Lucien clan, she was raised to ruler of Avalar by a conclave of Lords, and she proclaimed the Avalarian Empire a few years later; revamping Avalar's governmental structure in order to accomodate its significantly larger size.

King Elwynn di Avalaria, fourth King of Avalar. The eldest child of Ddraigtanto di Avalaria and Alexander Greywater - not counting Ddraigtanto's adopted daughter Eve, who was disqualified from the line of succession due to becoming a Guardian - and a notorious hedonist, Elwynn became heir apparent after his parents abolished a law requiring the throne to pass to the first-born daughter of the monarch. Once he came of age, Ddraigtanto ceded her crown to her son; remaining Empress Regnant. 
Queen Jessie Li. Consort to King Elwynn. A Savrakon - a bipedal draconic species - and a childhood friend of Elwynn's, who shares his hedonistic appetites. 

There's more I could say, but that'll do for now...
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Heh, I'll have a look at it when work at the moment!
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oh alrighty!
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Yeah, I was in a bad mood on the CnC comment chains. Now I feel like a turd...
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Just remember to stay calm; don't lose your temper straight away, no matter how tempting. Think first about what'll happen if you speak rashly...I was tempted to rage at somebody on FB recently over the whole flag debate, but I willed myself to back down because I knew it would just end badly, and that I wouldn't be able to argue my point properly without looking stupid.

Although CNC does go on about cars a lot and it can get a bit tiring for people who aren't interested, it is worth noting that a personal car in the wasteland would indeed be quite cool, if done right. It's a portable bed, potentially...imagine Selena driving one through the ruined empty parts of the United States with all her stuff safely in the trunk, then in the night, pulling shutters over the windows, locking the doors, and sleeping on a folded down seat, while the radio plays soothing music...
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, OKAY... An RV or campervan of some sort would be sweet.
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And we know that's a plausible safe area; there are mattresses and RVs all over the place that are safe sleeping points in a sense, it's not implausible for there to be cars, it's just that...well, like with everything in the series, resources are the problem. Everything's still ruined because everyone's too scattered. Places like the NCR/Enclave/Brotherhood of Steel don't have any problems with this, but the more ruined areas would struggle. One or two cars would work just fine in the story...
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you dont have to feel bad i forgive you!
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
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Also, you know you did an updated version of that Euorpe map I've been using for  the oSaS chapters? Would it be okay if you sent me another link to that please? I think I'd like to update the header maps accordingly now.
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