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Well, it's looking like I'm going to have plenty to play for the next few months...not too long ago, I decided I was satisfied with my progress in Skyrim (I'd completed all the main missions, and most of the side quests that I wanted to complete (I don't bother with the thieves or assassins quests; I play "Paragon" when doing RPGs!), and so I decided to move on to one of the other games that my friends had insisted I play at some point. Since I felt like a change from RPGs, I decided to leave Fable and Fallout for another time, and I wasn't in the mood for a FPS (I'm fairly useless at modern cover-based shooting games, at least when compared with the hardcore crowd online who routinely mop the floor with me), so that ruled out Gears of War (and Halo, which I'll finish some day)...this left three games; Assassin's Creed, Far Cry III and Dragon Age: Origins. Since I mistakenly assumed that Dragon Age: Origins was a prequel to another game in the series because of the title, and because Far Cry III was too hard to play on my tiny old TV, and because another one of my friends had been praising Assassin's Creed for a while, I decided to give that a go!

At present, I'm in the middle of Ass. Creed II, and I'm loving it! My friend Nick has said the games follow a similar pattern to the Mass Effect series...the first game is clunky, but still fun, the second game fixes everything that the first game got wrong and is just perfect, and the third one stinks...based on what I've played so far, I agree! ACI may be slow, but it's still fun to run around the Holy Land and visit these old cities. The missions are repetitive, but they really don't take that long to do (well, except for the last mission in Acre...bloody hell, that took forever, and then the next mission in Damascus took barely half an hour!), and once you've mastered the counter move, you're pretty much set. As for the second game, the settings are prettier and more expansive, the gameplay and story's better, and it's not that hard, either, which is both a good and a bad thing...and you even get control of this tiny walled city in Tuscany that for all intents and purposes is ruled by you! It starts out all drab and ruined, but with a bit of cash you can bring it up to scratch and even make a profit off it. I know some people didn't particularly like this element, but I personally thought it was good fun (and vaguely reminiscent of the upgrades you fitted the Normandy with in Mass Effect) and besides, money is so easy to come by in the game, so you'll probably have it fixed soon enough, and then you can just use the cash income to buy all the extra crap. It's also good that they've altered the "beggar" system in ACII (in the first game you'll pretty much be killing every person that gets in your way and harasses you/throws rocks as you climb buildings, but now you don't need to because you can just throw money to get them to leave you alone) and gotten rid of the boring "Desmond" sequences.

So, lots of games to play...and there's more! After finding I really liked AC, I went out and tracked down the other games for cheap (found the ACII sequels a few days ago, and just today stumbled across the special edition of ACIII for $19), and also found the sequels to some of the other games I had on the list (Far Cry II, Dragon Age II, etc), and even bought a new controller to replace the one I have at present (which has a broken left joystick that sticks). And to top it all off, I'm getting a new TV! My friend has complained about the small TV I've had for a while now, and he recently offered me a massive old TV of his that was sitting in his first I was polite and refused, but the next time he offered it I said I'd take it! Not sure where I'll put it, as my present TV is set up against a partition wall, and this new one's a wall-mounted one, but it should be a good opportunity to at last revamp my TV present, my TV is held up by two bricks on top of a DVD shelf, and my Xbox, PS2, DVD player and surround system (still being set up) AND my PS1 games are awkwardly crammed on, under or around this...hopefully I'll be able to at last buy a massive entertainment unit to house them all!

Oh, and on a final note, I'm getting paid for my poster work at last! $840 for the lot ain't too shabby...right, enough showing off; back to other things!
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Who am I? I'm a random person who likes solving problems that pop up in various book/film/tv/game/etc series that I pay attention to. Hence, a lot of my work revolves around creating essays, maps, informative pictures, and the odd fan-fic to test out a scenario. I also like designing things, so there's the odd concept there too!

I'm only too happy to help out with things wherever I can...need a quick historical map drawn or want help coming up with a story concept? Send me a message and I'll see what I can do.



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