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Saw this on :iconminrdj:'s page and it looked like fun!

1. You started to play videogames at the age of...?

Hmm...three, I guess. My aunt had a computer with Windows 3.0 on it, and I used to play on that whenever I went round to her place. Apparently I destroyed it by mistake shortly before leaving for Singapore in 1996 (lived there for half a year while my Dad worked on a stage show), but I've got no memory of this... 

2. First game you ever played?
Probably Solitaire or something, although I'll instead pick Chip's Challenge, from the Windows Entertainment Pack, cause that game was awesome!

3. First console you owned?

Does a Gameboy count? Had one of those when I was little, then lost it at a McDonalds when I was five, along with the only good LJN Gameboy game in existence; Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures. Eventually found a new copy years later in a Cash Converters, though!

4. Consoles you own/owned?
Let me Atari 2600, a Gameboy, a PS2 and an Xbox 360...might also have a decrepit Sega Mega Drive somewhere, although I think I got rid of it. Oh, and a PC, obviously; Glorious PC Gaming Master Race all the way! 

5. Your favourite genre(s)?
Hmm...Adventure, RPGs (if they're made by Bethesda or BioWare, and aren't Dragon Age) and Strategy Games.

6. Favorite game character(s)? idea. 

7. Which element(s) in games is/are most important for you (story, graphic etc.)?

Gameplay, I guess, since I hate playing games that are a chore to get through (Assassin's Creed III, Dragon Age, etc), but ignoring that, Story...or the world of the game, rather.

8. You don't care about ...?
Next generation consoles and games, much to the horror of my friends who've already converted.

9. Prefer PC or Console?
PC, because you can mod things, amongst other things, although I am favouring my Console a bit at the moment because my PC's malfunctioning a bit...

10. Your current 3 Fav games?
Crap, I hate picking favourites...hmm, how about Bethesda Games (KOTOR and The Elder Scrolls!), BioWare Games (Mass Effect!) and 2K Games (BioShock!)

11. 3 Games you didn't like...
*Assassin's Creed III (see earlier journal rant for why I hated this mess of a game)
*Dragon Age: Origins (ugh...I WANTED to like this game, but the combat was SO awful and the worlds dragged on, and by the end I just didn't care about anything and wanted the game certain story elements just felt cliché, and others didn't feel like they were explained enough (WHY were the Darkspawn randomly Chaotic Evil? Even Sauron had a motivation; theirs was just "We're designated evil!" And why didn't ANYBODY in the Dwarven realm tell me what each candidate to the throne was supporting? I had to look it up on the Wiki in the end to get information, which of course gave away the end!))
*Can't think of a third...well, I suppose I could list "The Legend Of Spyro: The Eternal Night", for its insane difficulty settings!

12. One game that's totally overrated in your opinion?

I guess any realistic modern shooter, except for Spec Ops: The Line...Spunkgargleweewee shooters just aren't for me. Cartoonish old-school FPSes, on the other hand...

13. Ever played an online game, if yes which one(s)?
Heh, plenty. Me and my friends are in the habit of buying cheap games with multiplayer just so we've got something new to play together...or to film us playing;…

14. What do you think about ...Tomb Raider?
Have only played one game in the series, and, as noted above, it was for the multiplayer. Had fun in it, though!

15. ...Tetris?
An awesome time waster!

16. ...Sonic?
Ehh, only ever played the original game, and I was never any good at it. Mario on the other hand, I ruled at.

17. ...Spyro?
Yay dragons! Gameplay-wise, I prefer the older Spyro games...the God Of War style gameplay in the later games was too boring for me, and I liked the cartoonishness of the older games. Still love them all because of the epic fanbase, though!

18. ...The Sims?
Ah, I used to love this game...had the first game and all the expansion packs (and a LOT of mods), but never quite managed to get into The Sims 2...took me a while to buy it, and by the time I got it for $2 at an op shop, I just couldn't be bothered...

19. ...Legend of Zelda?
Haven't played any of them. 

20. ... Assassin's Creed?
A good series! Well, the first game's a bit clunky, Brotherhood's a bit boring, and the third game is shit disguised as a game, but the others are good fun!

21. GAME OVER!!!
Time to reload a save...

22. Game(s) you'd love to see?
Well, I've loved the Titanic most of my life, and one of my favourite nostalgic games is Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time...I'd love to see a remake of sorts with the whole ship unlocked!

23. Game(s) you're waiting for at the moment?
Well, the only next-gen game I'm really interested in is Fallout 4 or perhaps Battlefront...and I guess the new Mass Effect game, but I'm not going to get them until the price is significantly lower. 

24. Tag some gamers here, if you want to.
Hee hee...:iconddraigtanto:, you knew this was coming. Who'll get to fill this one out? 
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Who am I? I'm a random person who likes solving problems that pop up in various book/film/tv/game/etc series that I pay attention to. Hence, a lot of my work revolves around creating essays, maps, informative pictures, and the odd fan-fic to test out a scenario. I also like designing things, so there's the odd concept there too!

I'm only too happy to help out with things wherever I can...need a quick historical map drawn or want help coming up with a story concept? Send me a message and I'll see what I can do.


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Could be a popular prank amongst Electricity Dragons... Maybe some pools don't allow them even :)
AtomicPhoton Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey? How are you?
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ehh, I've been better...feeling sick and leaving the family to go home today, so not at my best.
AtomicPhoton Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Sorry for a late reply. Ive been sick too. And dads supposed to be leaving for a few days. So i can get you. Have a bunch or projects too!! UGH....  hope you feel better
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
US Native States Map by Ddraigtanto

Map for you!

...Oh, and fun for you too, :iconcrashandcynder: :p
crashandcynder Featured By Owner 6 days ago
umm ok
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I did ask your thoughts on this. And I don't think you ever got back to me.
crashandcynder Featured By Owner 6 days ago
its cool
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AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, cool! Hmm, I'm guessing there's an Indian Reservation in SE Montana, hence why Lakota has it here? 

Hmm...I wonder if North and South Dakota would be a single state in this timeline? Let me see...hmm, it possibly still would have formed; apparently it was chopped in two because the two big population centres were quite far away from one another, and also the Republic Party wanted to increase their I guess it would have. 

Oh, just remembered; this is that map I was talking about showing Canada's ethnic groups;…
Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I did REALLY want to just make it that Republic of Lakotah thing with the flag, but this is pretty much the compromise between your thing and mine.

Yeah, that was tempting too, there's another state that's in halves too, right? I might put them back together as wel, possibly.
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