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1. Actually Useful Information

2. Someone Eating/Drinking

3. Latecomer

4. Noise Interference (From Both Microphone Or Neighbouring Room)

5. Next Lecture's Students Waiting In Room

6. Person Reading Newspaper

7. Person Taking Less Notes Than You

8. Person Taking More Notes Than You

9. Lecturer's Computer Malfunctions

10. Person Actually Enjoying Themselves

11. Person Using Computer Or Internet To Muck Around

12. Anything Of Note Not Listed Here

13. Free Space

14. Lecturer Repeats Information

15. Loud Noise As Somebody Drops Their Stationary

16. Anything Listed Here, But Done In Full View Of The Lecturer/In The First Three Rows

17. Sleeping Person

18. Rumbling Noise As Everyone Packs Bags Before Lecture Ends

19. Person Who Didn't Come Back After Lecture Break

20. Coughing/Sneezing Person

21. Somebody's Cellphone Goes Off

22. Problems With The Lights

23. Two People Talking During Lecture

24. Person Gets Up During Lecture

25. Person Doodling On Workbook

Your Prize? Congratulations! You won your sanity, as distracting yourself with childish games like this kept your brain functioning, as evidenced by the fact that this writing is legible for you [ED NOTE: This originally written in my appalling handwriting). If not, Eeba Gromp Yakka, and all the rest to you.

My first attempt at Tertiary Education was met with failure - hated the lecture halls, hated the hours, hated the tasks, so I ultimately dropped out and undertook another subject, with much more success.

One good thing that resulted from all this were the multitudes of refill paper covered with notes, some relevant to the course, some consisting of concept designs for things, but most of them unbelievably snarky side-comments, stemming from my hatred of the lecture halls.

One such creation, towards the end of my time there, was "Lecture Hall Bingo", written to entertain myself after I noticed that several mishaps happened rather a lot in the halls. I'll probably upload some of my notes at some point - every now and then I get a good laugh looking at them.
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July 1, 2011
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