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October 9, 2010
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30 (who?)
1. Patch Male
2. Penny Female
3. Roly Poly Male
4. Freckles Male
5. Blot Female
6. Fidget Male
7. Lucky Male
8. Whizzer Male
9. Dipstick Male
10. Jewel Female
11. Two-Tone Female
12. Cadpig Female (Cadpig is mentioned as the 12th pup)
13. Pepper Female
14. Salter Female
15. Bon-Bon Male
16. Pongo Male
17. Perdita Female

These names, and the rest, are found from mixing together the names in the books, the names in the animated series, and the movies, a book written about the film, and (in Bon-Bon's case) a book I found on a website. The rest of the names I found follow.

18. Blackie
19. Whitie
20. Blob
21. Dot
22. Jolly
23. Latch
24. Lenny

It should be of course noted that the names of the fifteen puppies may be any of these names; the list above is the version I decided to go with when writing this.

25. Tripod
26. Duke
27. "Leno" (Fan name for an un-named character)
28. "Nudo" (Fan name for an un-named character)
29. Dingo
30. Pickle
31. Plato
32. Playdoh
33. Harvey
34. Holly
35. Polly
36. Pooh
37. Sa-Sa
38. Steve
39. Ham
40. Hoover
41. Kirby
42. Lugnut
43. Furrball
44. Lumpy

45. Sport
46. Yoyo
47. Corky
48. Spanky
49. Dipper
50. Inky
51. Smokey
52. Spatter
53. Bravo
54. Flapper
55. Puddles
56. Tiger
57. Tiresome
58. Scooter
59. Bump
60. Sniff
61. Spark
62. Wags
63. Yank
64. Hungry
65. Nosey
66. Sleepy
67. Speedy
68. Swifty
69. Bulgey
70. Hoofer
71. Pokey

Plus, there were originally two additional adult dogs who made up the 101. They were merged into the current Pongo & Perdita, but their positions are included here anyway.
72. "Missis"
73. "Prince"

Plus there is "74.Gay" who marries Lucky in "The Starlight Barking". Plus the two pups unofficially referred to as "75.Rover" and "76.Spotty". Another pup, "Patches", is mentioned in a game, so you could include him as 77. The DeviantArt user "Blackavar - 1988" also informed me of "78.Sugar" and "79.Pointy", who appear in an audio play. One children's novelisation of 101 Dalmatians also uses the names "80.Pandy", "81.Growly" and "82.Fatty" in lieu of Lucky, Patch and Rolly, respectively - oddly, a different character was given the name "Lucky" in this version.

There was also a list in the live-action movie of 101 Dalmatian which listed the pups' owners.

10 Worland
8 Palmer
10 Wilkinson
9 Wells
7 Ackland
8 Master
6 Calleta
7 Graham
12 Tomkins
7 Gorton
15 Dearly

I originally tried to group the Dalmatian pups by similar names, but I abandoned this. If you want to theorise, Tomkins is also the name of the vet in the movie. Plus, in the book, the character "Perdita" has eight puppies, meaning she either belongs to Master or Palmer (probably Master, as his pups were bought later on, and her pups are mentioned as being young in the books.).

Well, that's my list.
This is an older file of mine (hence the odd formatting), where I attempted to unearth the names of all the 101 Dalmatians. As you can see, I got pretty darn far. These names are all canon (although which of the pups make up the fifteen is debatable, I suppose).

I should also point out that several false names often pop up on the lists that currently exist on the net, such as "Perdy", "Thunder" & "Queenie". These are names from the film that refer to Perdita, Thunderbolt, and a cow, respectively.

101 Dalmatians is copyright Dodie Smith and Disney.
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dogboy90 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
oh ok thanks
katmaru23 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Oddball ^^;
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah, Oddball was one of the next generation; one of Dipstick's (of the original 15) kids.
lightboy9056 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
And did'nt she said "...Fluffy, Polly, Dipstick" at the end ._.
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I have some new names for your list~

First of all.. what the hell is she saying? "Dr. Nasenbein"? Sorry I don´t understand that:
start at 10:28 and what the hell is she saying after "Dingo, Pooh.."

1.Well. In the german version, when she called "Dipstick" in the english version (the first time) she called "Pipi" (we also have a Dipstick. His german name is Pinsel)

2.When she called Heavy in the english version I understand something like "Toby" in the german one.

3. When she called "Furrball" in the german Version she clearly called "Fußfall" what means "Football"

4. I think she said "Lugnut". I understand something like "Wetnut or Wetnup" .. does that make sense? Well. In the german version she called "Fettnapf". There is no english word for it ^^"
"to put one´s foot in it" is the translation for "ins Fettnäpfchen treten"

5. She called Dipstick twice! (right?) It´s the last name she called. In the german version the last name is "Schuftie" ..there are more possible translations for that name: "Rascal", "Rotter", "Scamp" (would be funny, so Disney would have two Scamps), "Mucker", "Caitiff"...

So.. that´s it XD

We have ...
Toby (but I really am not sure about Toby),
Fußball / translation: Football
Fettnapf / translation: ??
Schuftie / translation: Rascal, Mucker, etc....

..and maybe "Dr. Nasenbein" XD hope you can tell me what she is saying.
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
(Ack! Sorry for the late reply!)

Great finds! I'm going to have to completely rewrite the list at some point to include all these new names - and let people pick which ones make up the fifteen!

Listened to that scene, and I can't make it out either - it could be gibberish, but it could supposedly be one or two names? I originally got the names she mentions from a style site that had quotes...for some reason they omitted Cruella's mangled words (and I think they mixed a few puppies up! For shame!)
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
And in the live action movie, when the pups get their collars, Two-Tone was called "Schwarzohr" (means "Blackear") on german. But we also have a Two-Tone. Her german Name is Zwei-Ton ._.
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm...I think I'm going to have to rewrite the opening bit of this paper to list the names given for the 15 Puppies in various adaptations, and then let people make up their mind as to which is which.

Brownie would thus be potentially another of the puppies...Blackear would replace the Two-Tone of the movie, leaving a different Two-Tone for Lucky to fall in love with - perhaps the screen equivalent of Gay, which I'm sure would please the Lucky/Two-Tone shippers...

This needs to be looked into further!
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
sounds good
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